Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Shop my closet

The first product is in my Vintage Luxury Store.

As a woman, you can never have enough clothes, shoes, handbags,.... but unfortunately the the size of the wardrobe leaves not always enough space. Although I have now spread myself at home in 3 rooms and have already 3 crowded wardrobes and 5 wardrobes full of shoes, but it's not like that I have enough :)

I like to invest in timeless classics and of very good quality, so they rest for the whloe life. Slowly so I do not know anymore where to put things. Throw away: OH NO!! TO PITY! Give away: The things were pretty expensive. That's why I've always sold my stuff. Also, in the hope that my lovely clothes become a new beautiful home and someone else has as much enjoyment as I do.

Therefore, dear fashionistas, let's go :)

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